B.S. Allied Healthcare Management

Designed for medical professionals with technical or patient-care credentials, the Allied Healthcare Management degree positions you to transition to management opportunities in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, long-term care facilities and physician practices.

With this transfer-friendly major, you’ll save time and tuition when you transfer up to 24 patient-care technical credits. If you are certified, licensed, registered, or have completed an associate’s degree in healthcare or an approved related discipline, you could receive credit for what you already know.

Through practical, hands-on field work and projects, you’ll acquire the skills employers look for in critical areas like healthcare planning, healthcare systems, healthcare operations management, healthcare financial management, and compliance and risk management.

Not only will you be grounded in the fundamentals, but our relevant curriculum also incorporates current industry insights and the latest trends in healthcare management, including changes in healthcare delivery systems, the future of healthcare financing, the impact of healthcare reform, and legislative healthcare policy proposals. Upon completion of this distinctive degree program, you’ll be well prepared to take on the many challenges facing healthcare managers.

Program Outcomes
  1. Knowledge: Demonstrate the ability to recognize and articulate facts, concepts, procedures and practices for future application

  2. Comprehension and Synthesis: Be able to integrate healthcare management theories, principles and practices for future application

  3. Application: Demonstrate the ability to systematically apply communication, technical, and analytical knowledge and skills to administrative and clinical healthcare management problem solving

  4. Analysis/Evaluation: Be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the plans, development and implementation of healthcare management solutions

  5. Creation: Be able to plan, design, and create solutions to address and solve societal, cultural and environmental health issues


120 Semester Hours

Credentialed (certified, licensed, registered or degreed) healthcare practitioners, managers or administrators are eligible for this major. Students who do not have an associate's degree in healthcare may be eligible candidates for the Allied Healthcare Management major upon completion of 24 semester hours from transfer credit in an approved related discipline. The 24 semester hours of instruction must be approved by the Allied Healthcare Management Program Chair.

Students entering the major with an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S) or technical training and other college credit must satisfy the General Education requirements below for a total of 36 hours in General Education.

Degree Programs

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